Patience Lost - A Short Story

Patience Lost

Patience Lost - A Short Story

                "Sir, how long?", asked Subhas, a boy of fifteen. This story is about a boy lived in a village called Notun Tola. From childhood Subhas saw poverty and nothing else. His father Asim was a labourer. His mother Asi was a bidi-worker. Besides, he had one younger brother Samu and an elder sister Nini. His parents' income was not enough for their family. hey somehow survived on meagre food. Subhas was reading in class V, his younger brother in class III and elder sister in VII. Asim and Asi had great expectation from their children. They thought that one day his children would earn enough. This expectation drove them always. They tried to work hard and hard.

                  Like other children of their village, Subhas also wanted to be happy. He craved for all the happiness that other children of his village got. But he told nothing to anybody  as he new that "as dark is the night so bright will be the morning". So he used to keep his longing suppressed. 

                   Years passed, Subhas became a boy of 15 years. He was in class X. As he grew tall, the financial condition of his family grew worse. Now getting two meals in enough quantity everyday was a dream to them as a family income did not grew. His education was on the point of stoppage, as the family of grown-up members needed increased income. Besides, his parents were also growing old and his elder sister's marriage thought panicked Subhas. The second matter often appeared in his head and he could not concentrate on his education. Subhas was a bright student. His education developed bit by bit.In class X he stood sixth. He was a bookish child. But the marriage thought of his sister often tortured his mind. He used to feel depressed and sleep.

                    Days passed. He always thought how to help his family. In the half yearly examination he scored poor result. Everybody of his family got shocked. The school teachers also got shocked seeing Subhas' result. The final shock came when Subhas told his parents that he would not study anymore and want to earn. Hearing this his parents felt at sea. They tried to pursuade him to carry on learning but all their efforts went in vain. So, Asim went to Subhas' school teacher Mahim Babu, who was well known as a good man, to persuade Subhash. Mohim Babu knew Subhas very well. He promised to do he best. 
                      Next day, Mohim Babu met Suhas. After a formal talk, he asked Subhas why he had taken decision not to carry on his learning. Subhas kept mum. He felt ashamed to reveal. Then Mahim Babu told " you have a bright future as I can see if you carry on your learning, but I cannot help if you don't tell me why you want to stop learning".The Subhas said, "Sir, day by day we are becoming poorer. Parents are growing old. Nina have to be married". Hearing this Mahim Babu felt sorry but he replied that Subhas had to endure pain to be happy in life. He said remember, "No pain no gain". Subhas answered, " Sir, from childhood we are suffering". We could not get two meals a day in profile quantity from childhood. Now  the situation is worse". Mohim sir replied, " You have to endure all these my boy". Then Subhas asked, 'Sir, r how long".

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Patience Lost - A Short Story


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