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The Demon Inside- A Short Story

The Demon Inside  "What will be the result?", Maru asked himself.  It kept him from murdering Shibu, his elder brother. Maru was a quiet, introvert and bookish child. He always thought of the future. But one day, his life was totally changed.                To speak of Maru's childhood, we found that he lived in a family of six people -his father Kori, his mother Hira, Charu and Mira - his two elder sisters and Shibu - his brother. They were very poor but leading an honest life. Kori, his father, was a rascal but pretended to be an ideal person to outside people. Only his family knew his villainy. His mother was widely known as a good woman. Charu and Mira were good in education. Sibu was very selfish. He only thought of his own comfort. For that he did not hesitate to do anything. Anyway, days were passing by. Maru suffered inwardly but his aim was future comfort. He studied hard and just after clearing his High School Education, he got an employment. It was a governme

Heaven To Hell - A Short Story

  Heaven To Hell "What about your mother-in-law?", Shila asked Rita. Shila was a girl of 15 years. She lived in the village Murshidpur. Rita and Shila were friends from childhood. Recently Rita was married to Sailesh, a handsome looking groom from Shantipur. They were simple village girls, no knowledge of the world. Moreover, they were of very young age. Such strong were their friendship that they would share everything in their lives.            Rita was the only girl child in her family. She had two elder brothers. Her father, Rahul, had a large farmland. Karima, her mother was a housewife. Her family was very happy and Rita was the most loving child in her family. She was dear to everyone. She never thought that after her marriage everything would change.             The next day just after the marriage, she was awakened early by her mother-in-law to do household works, which she never had to do when in her paternal house. Though very tired, she came out of her roo

खुद से लड़ाई - एक शायरी | Fight With Self - A Shayeri

खुद से लड़ाई पापियों के चेहरे से धिन आता है मुझे  पर चेहरा मुझे देखना हि है, पापियों के चेहरे से धिन आता है मुझे   पर चेहरा मुझे देखनाहि है,  आज स हना है मुझे हर दर्द, उस दिन के लिए   जब मिलेगा मुझे वह खुशी, जो मुझे चाहिए । परिये अगले शायरी परिये पिछले शायरी