Heaven To Hell - A Short Story

 Heaven To Hell

Heaven To Hell - A Short Story

"What about your mother-in-law?", Shila asked Rita. Shila was a girl of 15 years. She lived in the village Murshidpur. Rita and Shila were friends from childhood. Recently Rita was married to Sailesh, a handsome looking groom from Shantipur. They were simple village girls, no knowledge of the world. Moreover, they were of very young age. Such strong were their friendship that they would share everything in their lives.


         Rita was the only girl child in her family. She had two elder brothers. Her father, Rahul, had a large farmland. Karima, her mother was a housewife. Her family was very happy and Rita was the most loving child in her family. She was dear to everyone. She never thought that after her marriage everything would change.


          The next day just after the marriage, she was awakened early by her mother-in-law to do household works, which she never had to do when in her paternal house. Though very tired, she came out of her room, and stood at the barandah. Her mother-in-law first asked her to sweep and then mop the rooms and barandah. Rita had to do that. She was a bride then and could not protest. Then after bathing, she had to cook food for all and she could eat only at last. That never happened in her paternal house. Next, she had to clean the plates and pots. Her mother-in-law acted as a proud supervisor, inspecting and suggesting everything - what to do what not to do. After cleaning, she was told that it was time to sweep the rooms again. Rita turned pale. But as a new bride she just obeyed. Then evening worship time. Next again food cooking. Rita felt that her limbs were tearing. She felt moribund, but no way. Then after everyone's eating, she ate. When she went to bed, she had no energy in her body. She fell in death-sleep.


        Fortunately, next day she was to go to her paternal house for Ashtamangala. So, though she had to wake early in the morning, she had an extra energy. After sweeping and mopping, she bathed. Meanwhile Sailesh was also ready. Taking little breakfast, both of them started.


        When Shila, Rita's friend, came to know of Rita's coming, she rushed to Rahul's house to meet Rita. Together they went to the bank of the pond which was their favorite place. Here Rita told her about her romantic beginning. Then Shila asked her, "What about your mother-in-law?". Rita turned pale.


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