Mental Fear - A Short Story

 Mental Fear

Mental Fear - A Short Story

 "What will you do if they excommunicate you? What will you do if they do not come to your house in any problem?"-  these all questions always used to trouble Akram, a student of class XI. Yes, these are the questions which always bother a boy in any village of India when his parents do not build social relationship. This was true to Akram. His father, Isar, was an agricultural labourer and his mother, Nisha, was a housewife. After work, Isar used to work in his small kitchen garden. He did not go outside to have a talk with others. Nisha always remained in the house.

                Akram was a good student. Though he was not among the top 5th students, yet he was good at study. His teachers liked him for his dedication to study and humble character. His soul focus always remained his education.He did not waste his time playing with other boys. Infact, he did not have any friend at all. Suddenly he got afraid of social problems. The attitude of his neighbours changed towards them. One day he noticed it. Then many questions began to appear in his head. He stated thinking that if neighbours did not come to the their house, they might run into troubles and if nobody come to the house when they would be in any problem, then their life would be miserable.So, he started to wander in his village to build social relationship. 

           But he did not find the behaviour of his villagers supportable. There were something of jealousy in their behaviour - he felt that. So, he did not like going outside. His parents remained disconnected from villagers. This used to pain him. In any function he found himself secluded. He did not find anyone up to his mark. Everybody seemed jealous of him. He felt that there were venomous teeth wandering about to bite him. He used to get disheartened. The same thought used pain him. He had no idea that "when a person runs into any trouble, there is God to help him. In every society as there are poisonous people to bite, similarly there are some good people to help. So, one need not trouble oneself with irrational problems, but keep doing one's  work".  

         The lack of this information made Akram's life pathetic. He could not concentrate on his learning and as a result in the half yearly examination his performance was poor. This opened his eyes. He understood what a blunder he had made. So, he became fully concentrated on his learning. Now also the same questions used to come in his head like "what will you do if they is communicative you? What will you do if they do not come to your house in any problem?", but Akram just kicked them away and became a  dedicated learner to become happy in future.

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Mental Fear - A Short Story


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