Luck in Work - A Short Story

 Luck in Work

Luck in Work - A Short Story

"Everyone has the right to shine in life, why can't I?", said Polash, a thin grey boy of sixteen. Polush was born in a middle class cobbler family. His father, Sahim, was in their traditional shoe-polish profession. Sashi, his mother, was a housewife cum home-maid. she worked as a household aid  to a few families in the town. Polash had a brother, who was a student like him. Their family was a little stable one. His parents were happy with their condition,  but Polash somehow developed a desire to be very rich. He often used to tell his parents, "one day I will be very rich". His parents just laughed away him.

               After his school education, Polash did  not join the college. He told his parents, "I want to earn money".  They told him to carry on education, but Polash did not listen. He went to a big city, Lakshmipur, with the hope of becoming rich. After a few days, he got sick. He returned home. The villagers started making  fun of him. That used to pain Polash. His parents suggested him to join their family profession, but Polash  was adamant. He was bent upon his desire to earn more money. Years were passing by. His parents got very disappointed.  Meanwhile, his younger brother joined the family profession of shoe-polish. Now the situation totally changed. Besides  the villagers, his family also lost hope on him, but he had great belief in him. So, he listened nothing.

                  Suddenly he learnt from somehow that "YouTube" can give a lot of money if video is uploaded. Polas got hopeful. But he had no money to buy a cell phone. Besides in his village there was no network connection. So, he decided to go to the town again. He told his parents and they immediately consented, as then he was a burden to his family. On the way, villagers laughed at him. But Polash was determined. Reaching town, he found himself at sea. He had no money, no shelter, no friend. He found no work. That day he remained unfed. At night he slept on the footpath. In the morning, he got shelter and food in the house of an old man, whom he helped when he got senseless on the street. The old man, after getting sense, wanted to know about his benefactor and knowing his condition offered him his house to live and gave him the job of caretaking. 

                  After six months, Polash bought a cell phone. A few days training and guide from the old man made him an expert in mobile phone operation and video editing. He made his first post and it got no view. But Polash had great belief in him. After seven posts, he got a million views.  Money began to come in then. In one month he received one lalk in his account. After one year, he had 70 lakhs in his account. Within 2 years he bought a house, a car, kept workers. He still remained in touch with that old man. He regularly visited his benefactor and the old man loved benefactor very much.

                One day,  Polash had a desire to visit his parents'  to bring them to his own house. He bought lot of presents for his family members, but he did not know whether his parents were alive, whether his brother married, whether and whether. One morning seeing a big black colour car entering the village, everyone got surprised. All followed the car. The car stopped at the gate of Sahim. His father was at the entrance. Seeing Polash, he asked, "Whose car is this?" Polash replied, "Mine." "Then you have become a rich person", said Sahim. Polash told, "Everyone has a right to shine in life, why can't I".

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Luck in Work - A Short Story


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