Reward - A Poem


Reward - A Poem

 We all run after reward,

Pray to God for this and that,

God laughs at us

Says, idle man do your works,

 You will one day get rewards!

  We know, what is right and wrong,

Give advice to all,

 May they come to us or not

 Our advice we always impart

 But in our own deed 

Don't follow them, indeed!

All knows, "Good deeds bring Good rewards",

Then why do we say to God

 Give this or that to us?

 We want everything

 But don't want to do anything,

Isn't it laughable!

Then work man, work!

 It is only your labour 

That can bring you fame and honour.

Don't waste your time in idle ways

 If you want to get respected always!

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Reward - A Poem


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