Happy Bride - A Poem

 Happy Bride

Happy Bride - A Poem

Sir, now I am happy!
 I have no tension, no responsibility!
 I have married my daughter
The son-in-law is good in behaviour,
 He loves her a lot
 This type of groom I always sought!

I am glad too hearing you 
May your daughter be happy!
 But, what about the family?
 Are her in-laws good?
 Does she eat timely food?
Does her father-in-law love her?
And the mother-in-law take her care?
Does she has any brother or sister-in-law?
Does in the family morality reside?
If yes, your daughter is very happy.
If no, my friend; you should know the reality!

I know a bride who is being tortured 
Everyday, she is being devoured 
By her in-laws, though the bride is good!

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Happy Bride - A Poem


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